About Joe Hernandez
My name is Joe Hernandez. I've been a pool player for over 20 years, and I have realized that there is way more to this game than meets the eye.

We created this company to help people address the issues I suffered from, and heal the pain and frustration that go with the countless hours devoted mastering this game.

This is why I sought out players and I partnered with top-notch pool coach to create a system that will help you to be more present, aware and  exponentially increase your skill level.

We combine mindset knowledge and technical skills to create a system that will even improve your personal life, as a reflection of your understanding of this game.

About Matthew Winfield

My name is Matthew Winfield, and I have partnered with Joe to help people like you to really improve your game. 

I have played competitive pool for 31 years and have won countless tournaments. I played my first pro event, the Reno Open, in 2003, which seriously opened my eyes to the importance of the knowledge, discipline and attitude needed to really master this sport. I also, have a degree in psychology witch helps me to truly understand and address with confidence the mental aspect of the game. I have also coached two soccer teams, and been couched by a World-Cup soccer coach. I apply all of this background to my training.

With all this background, I have put together a program that focuses not only on well-known fundamentals, but also focuses on the individual, with analysis and goal sheets, video, weekly feedback, and plenty of one on one time.