The Building of Short Road Billiards, Instruction and Training

By Matthew Winfield. 11, 2019

Hello my name is Matthew Winfield, Head Instructor at Short Road Billiards. I could not be more excited about the programs that we have put together. I was already on a path of providing instruction when I met up with Joe Hernandez. He was on a path of wanting to become a better player but noticed a fair amount of frustration in trying to get to his next level. Then he started noticing that many people were experiencing the same types of pains and frustrations that he was experiencing. I was in the process of noticing the same thing, and decided to offer lessons to individuals at a modest rate. I immediately noticed that to really elevate a person’s game, a multitude of things had to be tended to. I’d start working on pattern play, then would have to address a players’ grip, stance, aim, etc. So when Joe proposed to me that he wanted to start a business of teaching players to help them overcome these pains and frustrations with becoming better player, I realized two things; 1) We don’t have a program like that here in Colorado, and need one, and 2) This is the type of program that will actually be able to identify aspects of a players games and truly help people. I began working on a five-week program immediately. The pain and frustration that we speak of is due to the fact that most players are on the long road of learning billiard sports. That road involves taking years to search for secrets that advanced players often hold sacred. Then we see those who take the short road. Ever wonder how 19 year old pro got where they are? They learned everything correctly, from the beginning, with the fundamental “secrets”. They got access to the short road from an early age. Although the long road involves picking up many things that can be unnecessary to playing great billiards, there’s no reason that any player cannot start making their way to the short road. And here we are, offering two very intensive courses, and some follow up options, to lead you from the long road, to the short road, helping you achieve realistic goals and to enjoy the game to life. Short Road Billiards Instruction and Training.
With a background in Psychology, Coaching and Education, and having competed in billiards for over 31 years, I have put together a program that focuses not only on well-known fundamentals, but also focuses on the individual, with analysis and goal sheets, video, weekly feedback, and plenty of one on one time with a maximum of 6 participants per session. Among the many goals, this program works to move you up by a couple of league levels, or 30-50 Fargo points (100 on the high side). We’re going to revisit everything about this game you love, and leave you with plenty to think about and plenty of memories. Welcome to Short Road Billiards, it’s time to lose some baggage.

Matthew Winfield

My name is Matthew Winfield, and I have partnered with Joe to help people like you to really master their game. 
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