By Joe Hernandez 11-2019

I was very lucky to meet Matthew Winfield. All I had done was posting an ad on Facebook in the hopes of finding the right person to implement this idea I had envisioned. And it turns out that he was the one who approached me; when we met and started talking, we resonated on the same frequency almost immediately. After this first meeting, we got together to begin designing this program. I quickly realized that Matthew is a lifelong learner, that he never stops studying, which makes him thoroughly acquainted with the theoretical part of the game. But he also dominates the practical and psychological knowledge, both essential for the development of this program, which has undoubtedly made the difference when compared to other programs or pool lessons. Without haste, but without pause, our vision took shape.

It wasn't really until I decided to personally go through the experience and complete the clinic, that I realized the value of what we had created for pool players; I experienced it firsthand. It's hard for me to describe what I experienced when I realized that absolutely everything, the simplest and most fundamental, was enriching my game. And by implementing what I was learning, I got excellent results almost immediately. I couldn't believe it. Suddenly, I realized that, in the past, I had "decreed" that improving my game was going to be extremely difficult (or perhaps impossible) and that it was going to take a lifetime. Improving so much in such a short time was something that really removed pages and pages of frustration from the diary I have in my head about this game. For the first time in my life, I had an accurate path full of possibilities, and that's why we decided to call it "The Short Road". There is certainly no one doing this or working from this perspective in Colorado's pool community. We focus first and foremost on knowing exactly where the player is, and what his dreams are regarding his ideal game. Next, we identify the obstacles that prevent that dream from becoming a reality and teach them how  to "unlearn" negative habits, and then replace them with new concepts and techniques that, when applied correctly, will make an almost immediate difference. Traveling this path will not only be quick, but it will also be fun and instructive.

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