By Joe Hernandez 11, 2019

The story of my game started in London, where I lived for 6 years and learned to play snooker. This was a game that I began to admire through television and one day I decided to go see a game in person. Ronnie O'Sullivan and Steve Davies dueled at the famous Alexandria Palace. The game inspired me greatly, and I started to frequent places with huge snooker tables. I started to try to absorb everything I saw, which made my game improve a lot. 
By Matthew Winfield. 11, 2019
Hello my name is Matthew Winfield, Head Instructor at Short Road Billiards. I could not be more excited about the programs that we have put together. I was already on a path of providing instruction when I met up with Joe Hernandez. He was on a path of wanting to become a better player but noticed a fair amount of frustration in trying to get to his next level.
By Health Fitness Revolution -May 15, 2015
A casual game known for its ubiquitous presence in bars and pubs (even coining the name pool hall), billiards is a catchall term for the tabletop game played that requires pool sticks (or cues) to hit hard balls into one of six pockets. The game can be played casually, as an amateur and even on the professional level. Each round of billiards, whatever game type one chooses to play, is uniquely presented and requires players to be mentally agile and physically adept

By Joe Hernandez 11-2019

I was very lucky to meet Matthew Winfield. All I had done was post an ad on fb in the hope of finding the right person to implement this idea I had envisioned. And it turns out that he was the one who approached; when we met and started talking, we resonated on the same frequency almost immediately. After this first meeting, we met to begin designing this program.